\Clinch"er\, n   Pronunciation: 'klinchur    1. One who, or that which, clinches; that which holds fast.

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Clincher Wins Worlds!

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Clincher Wins Worlds!

At the 2002 World Barefoot Championships the jump event provided skiers and spectators with one of the closest finals in the history of the worlds. The difference between 2002 and all other Barefoot Worlds, is that instead of having 2 or 3 jumpers racing for the gold, there were 12 skiers within 3 feet of each other in the semi-finals. Any one of these skiers had the potential to break a world record or win the gold.

In the semi finals it became apparent that the man to win, was going to be the one who could hold on to the handle after a big jump. During this round 6 ropes were broken, leaving the skiers with only the handle in their hand. And what was each skier wearing when he held the broken rope in the air? You got it – Clincher!!!

All three of the medals in the jump event – Dave Small, Mamo Collosio, and Brett New – protected their hands with Clincher ‘Ultimate’ Gloves. Coincidence … I think not. The big dawgs of the most extreme sport on the water, Barefoot Jumping, trust Clincher to hold on to the big jumps… Imagine what it can do for you!!!

Paul MacDonald