\Clinch"er\, n   Pronunciation: 'klinchur    1. One who, or that which, clinches; that which holds fast.

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Marcus Brown

"I am confident that without a Clincher glove on my right hand, I would not be where I am today.  I tried to ski without one about two months ago and could barely run 32 off!"          Marcus Brown


Champion Skier and Top-Notch Coach, Marcus Brown, graced the cover of the September issue of Water Ski Magazine exhibiting his unique West Coast Slalom technique- Wearing the Clincher Ultimate Grip.

Marcus has tied or broke a few National Records, placed top three at U.S. Team trials won a World Championship and recently won his first Major Title, the Moomba Masters in Melbourne, Australia.

Marcus is a winning and personable coach with not only gifted athletic ability, but a Dean's List education with bearings set on a Civil Engineering career.