\Clinch"er\, n   Pronunciation: 'klinchur    1. One who, or that which, clinches; that which holds fast.

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Jonathan Travers

"Your gloves have made the difference to my skiing into short line on a daily basis.  I have so much more power in my forearms and I am able to grip the handle better."          Jonathan Travers


Did you notice the two-page shot of Jonathan Traverse in the Winter 2007 issue of Water Ski Magazine?  Nice Shot, Jonathan!

Jonathan is currently ranked #1 U21 Men Slalom in the World!  He won slalom at nationals two times as a Boys 3 skier.  On-the-water, his best slalom performance is 2 @41 off at 36m/hr, jump 179 feet, trick 4100 points. Incredible video footage of Jonathan can be viewed here: http://www.jacktravers.com/News.htm.  Jonathan has been a member of the USA Pan American Games Team, Can Am Challenge Team, and won the USA Water Ski National Championships in Slalom and Overall Men I in 2007.  He plans to compete in the Under 21 Worlds in Chile in January 2008.

Jonathan is a capable and qualified coach and boat driver for all events.  Off-the-water interests include sporting a Harley Heritage Softtail, dirt bike and mountain bike riding.  He plays volleyball, paint ball, football, baseball, swims, and snow skis- down hill and back country.
Jonathan intends to study filming at Full Sail University in the spring of 2008.